Celtic cross at St. John’s Parish Church

Next to a bus stop, taxi and bicycle stand. Snapped in taxi on way into town from airport.


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5 thoughts on “Celtic cross at St. John’s Parish Church

  1. I’m so excited. It’s always an adventure to go with you Martha. I feel like I’m almost there. You have such a gift with photography. Maybe a retirement career one day?
    J W and I will enjoy every picture! Hello to Micky and hugs to you both!

  2. Wow, that is a BIG cross!

  3. I’ve just figured out how to make comments on your blog. Your pics are very vibrant. I love lots of color. I guess at the time I am writing this, you are already up and out the door on the way to your next destination. Is there a 6- or 7-hour difference forward?

    • Hello Myra. Great to be able to correspond this way!
      There is a 6 hour difference forward We are still in our apt. this a.m. at 11, since neither one of us got a wink of sleep in the plane overnight.
      Please tell Lisa I am enjoying her carrier for oils-just used the stress-away.
      I will post a few more this morning while I have wi-fi.
      Keep watching!

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