Ric Stott, from Sheffield, England, was our preacher.


Ric Stott is a Methodist minister, artist and art psychotherapist. He did brilliant sermon about counting the cost of discipleship and integrating ourselves in our community. His ministry is as a artist, “exploring ways in which the visual arts can help us engage with Life, Spirit and Community.” In his sermon, he told of a project with clay figures, forty of them, part of a wilderness exhibition, which he took to forty locations around Sheffield for forty days. He shared the outcome for five of them. One melted into the rock it was situated on, another couple were smashed or broken, the one in middle of traffic circle absorbed the grime and pollution; the only one to survive without change was one he put in a church. There are many ways to reflect on that. He then asked us to identify these stories with the Jesus story or our own story.
You can google “Ric Stott” and “children of clay” and find more about it there. There are lots of photos of the figures on site in several blog pieces beginning in February 2011. Here’s a start from his first entry in Feb. 2011:
“I’m in the process of making forty figures in clay. Leaving the clay soft, rather than allowing it to harden they will then be sent put into the world. I will leave them in and around Sheffield, out in the open, totally exposed for forty days. In the city, the suburbs and the countryside; some for all to see, others hidden away.
I don’t know what I’ll find after the forty days-maybe they will all survive intact or be washed away by the rain, or stolen, or cleared away by a street sweeper, or trodden on. They will be at the mercy of the world.”
Ric’s ongoing blog is http://www.iaskforwonder.com.

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