Finally in Edinburgh!

We were delayed in Chicago by a late Aer Lingus flight, which meant we missed our connection in Dublin.
We finally got to our flat in Edinburg late Tuesday afternoon, instead of 10 am as we had hoped, and walked to “the other place” for dinner. The man at next table had meal pictured here-three very large burgers – only see one in photo – with fries smothered in chili, onion rings… The challenge was to eat all in 20 minutes, in which case the meal, and drink, was free. Otherwise it cost £20. After 10 minutes he gave up, slowed his pace,  and his wife helped him, didn’t even finish it all. They told us they will have a scarf booth at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which runs all August, so we may see them again before we leave.

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2 thoughts on “Finally in Edinburgh!

  1. Patti McCartney on said:

    So glad you made it! Hopefully Mickey got his lost bag. Keep posting so we can enjoy this trip with you.

  2. Donna on said:

    My favorite city! Have a fun and blessed time. Lovely people there.

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