Garden again


Sunflowers remind me of Van Gogh, but also Kristin’s mother Helen, whom I never met. Kristin has said many times that her mother loved sunflowers.

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2 thoughts on “Garden again

  1. Kristin had lovely sunflowers (compliments of Susan Clementson’s handiwork) on the altar last Sunday in honor of her mother!

    • Wow! I had no idea about that, just that she has used sunflowers before, but … synchronicity! Have you left yet? Travel mercies go with you, and a prayer. I was just reading a book of prayers from the Iona Community, and found this one for the new baby:

      As I cup my hand
      around your head
      little one,
      may God hold you
      and keep you.

      As I rock you
      in my arms
      little one
      may Christ shield you,
      and encompass you.

      As I bend to kiss your cheek
      little one
      may the Spirit bless you
      and encourage you.
      -Kate McIlhagga

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