Ruin of Dunollie Castle


Said to be haunted. In 1971 a group of scouts camping saw a lone piper dressed in highland dress, semi-transparent with trees visible behind. Owners, when asked, said yes, that’s right.
Belonged to the MacDougall clan, the Lords of Lorn, who at one time owned about a third of Scotland.
Workers are now doing restoration work on the castle, a £1.3 million project, taking aproximately 6-7 years to complete. They have been told to protect the Meta menardi, European cave spiders, they have found living there in the eight-foot deep window wells. They are taking ivy off the outer walls in order to protect the stonework from further deterioration, but the spiders need a dark habitat. So workers will not be able to work with bright lights. I’m wondering what Gary U. would make of that. Glad we don’t have Meta menardi in our neck of the woods?
The ferry passes this way on way to Mull.

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