Transmission broken (or you can eat an orange if you leave me the peel), 2013


Laura Aldridge, Lambda prints, ceramic, wood, shoe polish.
This exhibit from six Glasgow-based artists is titled Every Day. The content has been brought together under the theme of ‘the everyday’ as a material or a subject that offers insight into the world around us. Works have been included for their references, or resemblances, to the familiar, common and recurring events, objects and places that we encounter during our daily routines…. Also common amongst the works on display here is an interest in what the influential architects Alison and Peter Smithson once described as the ‘as found’, … Where the art is in the picking up, turning over and putting-with’.
That is most certainly true of one of the pieces in the exhibit, not photographed, an umbrella, open, resting on its side. Now that I’ve read this I have more appreciation for its inclusion. Another note from the exhibition guide:

In December 2012, the results of a survey by the Scottish Artists Union highlighted that three-quarters of visual artists in Scotland earn less than £5,000 a year.

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