Fish market

Last stop before returning our car to garage. Alleluia! We made it! Glad we rented a car; the island is so big there is no way to get sense of it without driving. If we only had more time and courage… I discovered a web site that has locations for standing stones, burial cairns, etc. all over UK. There are a few sites on Mull, a few on Ulva, Barra, most on other islands of the Hebrides, Lewis, Harris, and especially the Orkneys, way up north. The site is Maybe we can plot some for another visit…
And books… Didn’t get photo of bookstore here, but was good customer. Bought a few “light reading” books, by authors Peter May, The Black House, set on the Isle of Lewis, which Mickey is reading, and Mark Douglas-Home, The Sea Detective, set on fictional island in the Hebrides. Also want to get a thick one titled The Scottish Islands, supposed to be the prime reference. I like reading books set in sites I’m visiting; I think it adds to the cultural experience to add one’s imagination to the senses getting fed by travel.
Friday was last day here; we leave this morning, and as I write here before seven a.m. it is flat out raining outside, none of that “soft rain” that Pat told me about. We came in rain, and will leave same way, it looks like. Mickey observed yesterday that the bird bath has stayed full all week!


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2 thoughts on “Fish market

  1. Ireland has the “soft days”–didn’t speak for Scotland

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