Our plane landing on beach.

I’m quoting from a googled report ” A Soft Landing on Barra” by Ghaelach:
“No stewardess, no coffee or tea, no toilet, no concrete runway landing… The much-used de-Havilland Twin Otter is a twin-engine bush plane from Canada. A high-wing monoplane with fat tires and a rigid, stable suspension, which can not be retracted. The flyer offers no pressure equalization in the cabin, and the forces of crosswinds are palpable throughout the flight and shake the propeller plane about like a feather on the wind.”
Our flight from Glasgow to Barra, the outermost inhabited island in Scotland, took about an hour. Unless having weather problems they fly low enough for passengers to track the landscape and journey through the interior lochs and then by the Sound of Mull. I think I got pics of Iona from the air, but alas I had camera phone on video and I can’t publish here, whirr of propeller in background. Guess I could put it on YouTube!
This photo and info are especially for Jon and Debbie and Lee, our pilots!
You can find many videos of plane on Barra by googling “Flybe flights to Barra Scotland” or something similar.

a href=”https://theartofpilgrimage.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/20130816-074714.jpg”>20130816-074714.jpg

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