Mrs. Lilian Inskip at Macgochans

Lilian was sitting on same bench as I was at the restaurant for lunch, and her cane was tucked in back of me, so we met when she left. She told us she had been stationed as a WREN in Tobermory 70 years ago, and wanted to come back and see it. She was there at the start of her life and wanted to see it again near life’s end, she said. She will be 90 next birthday. She said so much had changed, but she hoped to be allowed back in the distillery for a last look; she remembered they would climb up there to have a last look at boats leaving for war. She said sadly they would never see most of them again. As she scooted down the bench she was still talking, fell off and hit the floor. Several of us tended to her, including her three friends, one of whom assured us she would be fine. I don’t believe she got the chance to go to distillery after that. A very charming lady, she wished us well and many happy years together.

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