Mr. Non, our cab driver


took us around the island. He told us the residents of the islands don’t consider themselves Scots but Celts. He said many locals, including himself, had DNA testing, and their lineage is German and Viking, not Irish, Pict or Anglo-Saxon. He was a fount of knowledge, but difficult to understand. He talked with a voice box, having had throat cancer, and the Scots accent as well. Now that I think about it, he was driving with one hand most of the time, while he was talking!
This was taken at ruin of old church, more about that in next pics.

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5 thoughts on “Mr. Non, our cab driver

  1. Ahhh, no wonder you got along well, Martha Dear! I love Mr. Non’s face, a life earnestly lived, and it shows. It’s like being there to read your comments. Love you!

    • Thanks Donna. I am quitting for the night, still far behind as we are now in Tobermory, Scotland, on Isle of Mull, but the next few photos I need more info about- its not on the tip of my tongue. Hope to catch up tomorrow. It’s so surprising to post something and have almost immediate response! I love it! Wish you and Dick were here-you’d love it, and Mickey and I are ready for some company!

    • Donna, are you referring to my driving with one hand, while using the other to talk? Also recognizing Dick’s German heritage-he might feel right at home on the islands! I am finding them fascinating, want to explore every one.

  2. Benita on said:

    Hi Martha it is Benita Eve’s friend…looking for wedding pictures and following your journey. Much love b

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