Chisholme House, Beshara School


I am now at Chisholme House, pictured here, I am staying in the retreat, an underground room with wood-burning stove, composting toilet, no electricity. I will send photos tomorrow, as I have to go to main house to power my phone, iPad, and to get wi-fi.

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2 thoughts on “Chisholme House, Beshara School

  1. Martha, Dear, that is sooo funny! A ‘retreat’ with options for modern life! xoxo

    • Yes, it is. When Mickey saw the picture of the doors to my underground space, he said, looks like something you’d put put prisoners in, but it’s very functional. Marble wash basin with fixtures from Turkey. I will say the wood stove seems a little small for their winters, but that may be why it’s used more in the summer. I’m having a wonderful time here.

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